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The fear IS real!

Many people believe Pennhurst is really haunted. In fact several paranormal experts have been to Pennhurst and are convinced that “the fear is real”. This past Saturday the guys from Haunt World came out to Pennhurst and took this photo.

You can see on the left hand side, a ghostly figure seems to be holding his hand. They could not believe what they had captured! There has been no digital manipulation to this photo.

Others have posted on Facebook about capturing orbs or spirits with their cameras. Do you have a picture, taken at Pennhurst, of something unusual? If so post it on our Facebook page. The best photo wins FOUR VIP tickets to come back to Pennhurst…if you dare!


Customer sees a ghost at the Ghost Hunt attraction last night

A young lady was escorted back to her vehicle last night after apparently seeing a ghost in the Mayflower building. She told event staff that while touring the old dorm building armed with only a flashlight, she felt something beside her and saw a shadow move across the room. Being visibly upset, she was helped back to the parking area with a few of her friends. This is not the first experience of paranormal activity at Pennhurst. Many setup staff members have been touched, pushed and even heard strange noises throughout the summer, especially in the old Mayflower building. Most take it in stride, but several have quit and never returned. One employee, who was operating heavy equipment near the new parking lot, experienced apparitions moving through the morning fog last week. Even during the day this place is creepy, but at night with all the lights out, it is downright frightening! Featured on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, this is reportedly the most haunted building on the Pennhurst campus. Click here to see the clip of Ghost Hunters on the second floor of Mayflower Hall, the exact same place that is now open for tours during the Halloween Haunted Attractions at Pennhurst. Now you can experience the chills of a real ghost adventure, and, if you are lucky, even see or feel something from another world.  

To purchase advanced tickets, click here.

Sneak Peek at new Attractions at Pennhurst


The Dungeon of Lost Souls is an all new, amazingly scary haunted attraction. With attention to detail, and using props and fixtures found on the Pennhurst State School premesis, this attraction will dazzle the senses. We have added several computer generated effects and animatronics that have never been seen before in a haunted house. Our professional artists have been working around the clock to make sure this attraction will be one of the best in the nation. We are installing state of the art lighting and custom digital soundscapes to make you feel like you are in another time. The Dungeon, located under the old Administration Building, is a series of dark corridors, dank dungeons, and medical experiments gone horribly wrong. Loaded with hidden passageways and top notch actors, this attraction is guaranteed to wow the most discriminating Halloween enthusiast. You have asked for a sneak preview, so here are some shots of the latest Haunted Attraction being designed and built by the Bates Motel crew.

Pennhurst Asylum Expands with Three New Attractions


The Pennhurst Asylum

The Pennhurst Asylum is undergoing massive remodeling to last year’s Haunted Attraction. The professional Haunted Attraction designers from Bates Motel Productions along with Chake Productions, have been brainstorming all year to make this the most impressive Haunted Attraction on the East coast. With more sets, props and scary actors, the Asylum will live up to its name as the Scariest Haunted Attraction in America! Along with these updates, the crew at Pennhurst are designing and building an all new attraction called The Dungeon of Lost Souls. The Dungeon of Lost Souls is a high action, intense haunted house that was designed and built from the ground up this year. The Dungeon has many unique, custom built props and sets, as well as CGI effects, digital sound tracks and illusions designed to scare even the bravest of souls.

Also new for 2011 is a unique event called the Ghost Hunt. The Ghost Hunt attraction is a self guided tour of the most notorious building on the property; the Mayflower Dormitory. Featured on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, this building has been proven to be really haunted. Guests will be handed a flashlight when they enter this building, and are allowed to investigate on their own. The Mayflower has been left just as it was when abandoned over 25 years ago. This is not for the faint of heart!

Finally, the Tunnel of Terror has been completely remodeled from last year and includes a stroll through the subterranean tunnel complex that connects the structures on the grounds. Filled with props, monsters and digital light effects, this will prove to be one of the scariest attractions at Pennhurst. This year we have built a 250 foot long catacomb with skeletons and monsters that will catch you when you least expect it. Last year Pennhurst Asylum was voted the scariest haunted attraction in America by Hauntworld magazine, so be prepared to have a wonderful scary time.